The Lawyer’s Angel Book Reviews

[Following is an official review of “The Lawyer’s Angel” by Scott Allen Benkie.]

Throughout the world, the justice system is a part of the government’s propaganda, and it sounds good if only it always won. Does the truth always prevail in court? The Lawyer’s Angel is a tale of seeking justice, truth, and acceptance over the exploitation of powerful people. In his debut novel, The Lawyer’s Angel, Scott Allen Benkie unveils the true nature of a legal resolution. This is a legal thriller that portrays the court’s real process. 

After his wife’s death, James Crosson tried to avoid the emptiness of his beloved wife by playing at a casino, but with no success. The Vegas goons are on to him. One day, James was hired by a widow to investigate her husband’s death involving the Move-It-Express tow truck. The owner of the trailer wanted to preserve the image of the company by hiding all its wrongdoing schemes. The lawyer was threatened. How did the lawyer get out of all the death threats? Moreover, James’ personal life was entangled in three factors. First, his declining law practice, followed by his casino enemies and adversaries of his client. Will the lawyer defend his dying law firm? How can he prove that the trailer has defects during its use, despite the tactics of its multiple opponents? Is it real if there’s an angel? How can the lawyer solve the case mysteriously?

The best thing I like about this novel is the background of the characters. Readers will notice that the characters are well presented in connection with the twisting of the plot, and it is easy to follow from its diversity. Number two on my list is the dramatic judicial case. It’s dramatized in a simple way that even a layperson or a fourth grader would understand. Last but not least, the essence of friendship with people and animals is very beautiful and touching. On the other hand, I least like the scenario where there is blood. 

The Lawyer’s Angel deserves a 4 out of 4 stars rating. Why? It has an excellent third-person storytelling stream with a good writing style. Hence, it looks professionally edited because I only see minor errors. I am not lost between the main character, the supporting characters, and the opponents. The emotion of the protagonist is easily understood as it projects the greatest hope beyond the enormous difficulties. I observed that the supporting characters are well-crafted in putting a clear emphasis on the protagonist’s plot while the opponents are made in a realistic manner. 

I recommend this novel for those who enjoy legal thrillers, suspense, and drama. The novel includes profane words, bloody scenes, and other explicit scenarios that are not suitable for minor audiences. A lawyer or an aspiring lawyer will benefit from this book due to the lawyer’s strategies in attempting to resolve a case.

Attorney James Crosson’s life is falling apart after his wife’s death. Crosson faces the start of a doomed time, from being the primary accused of the tragic accident to losing his career. A widow appoints Crosson to challenge the injustice that befell her late spouse. Unfortunately, justice is hampered by a rich, exploitative business tycoon to avoid facing the consequences of mishappenings caused by his company. While fighting the undefeatable with almost no chance of survival, James Crosson proves how inner and worldly demons are fought with persistence and in sync with divine intervention.

The Lawyer’s Angel by Scott Allen Benkie is a suspense law thriller crafted carefully with legal integrities. It takes you on a ride that will give you goosebumps when you expect it the least. From grief to guilt, it weaves complex treachery of emotions while simultaneously keeping the plot moving forward. Though the courtroom drama is mechanical, the author keeps it easy for readers from non-legal backgrounds to catch the essence of the law.

The book tries to intertwine spirituality with faith in justice. It explores a theme generally not inculcated in legal suspense. At some points, the plot seemed to be affected by the complexity of its multifold theme. The entire plot revolves around the main protagonist, which keeps the story tied to the main strand but also causes monotony in the narrative arc. The author adds a tinge of drama sustaining the realistic form of narration. In the end, it inspires you to fearlessly take control of your life and try your best to turn it around. It keeps you engulfed in the world of law, justice, and hope, with its characters effortlessly marking their way in your mind.

The Lawyer’s Angel is an engaging legal thriller that will have readers questioning whether truth and justice win in the end. It is a rollercoaster ride as the protagonist battles physical and mental demons in an effort to obtain justice.

Must read 🏆

Move over, John Grisham. There’s a new talent in town. He proves it in this gripping and absorbing legal thriller. It’s one heckuva ride!


Attorney James Crosson is in the grips of despair, blaming himself for his wife’s death. A widow hires him to pursue a wrongful death case on behalf of her late husband who died in a seemingly ordinary car wreck. Crosson must confront his own tragic loss and gambling debts as he unravels the plot hatched by a deranged corporate tyrant who will stop at nothing to conceal the truth, take down the lawyer, and preserve his empire. With Vegas goons closing in and everything at stake, Crosson goes all in one last time with no realistic chance of winning the case or surviving the evil arrayed against him.


James Crosson is in the fight of his life. Recently widowed, the once well-respected criminal defense lawyer is facing financial woes, a failing practice, a Mount Everest of gambling debts, and disappearing witnesses who are key to a wrongful death lawsuit against a crooked corporate conglomerate, Move-It-Express. The down and out lawyer thinks his day can’t possibly get any worse. Then he’s framed for murder. The big questions in this high octane legal thriller are Why and By Whom?

Crosson has taken on a wrongful death case involving an auto transport trailer. The case alleges that Move-It Express “fecklessly and deliberately” failed to properly maintain the rental truck driven by Robert Jackson. Jackson crashed into Davis Thompson when Jackson tried to make an emergency stop in a construction zone, only to find the truck’s brakes were inoperable. Thompson was killed. Now Thompson’s widow, Claire, wants justice.

The case hinges on the credibility of tow truck driver Willie Wormser. When Wormser arrives on the scene of the collision, he swears that the trailer’s brake reservoir is empty. But when state troopers inspect it later, the reservoir is full.

Something doesn’t smell right to “ambulance chaser” James Crosson. After taking the case, he soon finds himself “in the midst of a human maelstrom pitting the righteous and the good against the wicked and the bad in a timeless ancient struggle for supremacy.”

The former includes Crosson, his formidable secretary, Eunice, Crosson’s faithful canine companion, Bailey, and the enigmatic, Schwinn-riding Michael Jessup. The latter includes malevolent Move-It owner Talbot Jr. and his ruthless gang of thugs and miscreants. Talbot is “the contemporary embodiment of a medieval tyrant.” (This guy makes the Marquis de Sade look like a piker.) Talbot will stop at nothing to protect his company and boost his bottom line. Nothing.

Indeed, Talbot’s thugs have already gotten to recently retired Move-It maintenance chief Eldridge McCaffrey. Wormser is likewise in their crosshairs. So is Crosson and anyone associated with the struggling lawyer.

Crosson needs a miracle to win in this riveting David vs. Goliath courtroom drama. Will he get one? Will truth win out? Will justice prevail? Will Crosson survive long enough to see a verdict?

I was totally blown away by this book. I was unfamiliar with the title and the author, but decided to take a chance on both. Talk about a surprise! This book grabbed me in chapter one and didn’t let go until the final page. I couldn’t put it down and didn’t want it to end! As a dog lover, I found the interaction between Crosson and Bailey especially touching. Well done! (Favorite quote from this book: “The measure of a man’s life is taken by the love he gives to others here on this earth.”)

A compelling and engrossing legal thriller, The Lawyer’s Angel is a towering achievement, especially for a first-time author. This gripping page turner is a stunningly solid read. In fact, it’s one of the best books of the year.

So move over, John Grisham. There’s a new talent in town. Name’s Benkie. Scott Allen Benkie. Remember that name. Because this guy’s going places. Count on it.